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ECA Coronavirus Information and Q&A webinar

About The Webinar

ECA directors and experts will directly address the entire industry's queries and provide clear, up-to-date answers on the ongoing Coronavirus situation.

Wednesday 22 April 11am

Coronavirus Impact – Supply chain collaboration – Featuring ECA's Rob Driscoll, CEO of the EDA Margaret Fitzsimons, and President of the EDA Chris Ashworth

Thursday 30 April 11am

Coronavirus Impact – The economic implications on construction – With ECA’s Rob Driscoll and Andrew Eldred, alongside Martin Hewes of Hewes & Associates

You'll Learn

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Andrew Eldred, ECA director of employment and skills

The presenters

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Upcoming dates:  22 April & 30 April
Time: 11am  
Duration: 45 minutes

Rob Driscoll, ECA director of legal and business

Paul Williams, ECA HS&E services manager

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